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In the bodybuilding world of the 21st century it has become evident that buying steroids is no longer easy. In many ways, steroids have now been measured up to many regular drugs, which is, of course, ludicrous. For example, Anadrol (Oxymetholone) is used by AIDS patients to help them survive and live out longer lives. Does this mean an AIDS patient who is told to buy steroids to help his health is breaking the law? Could these AIDS patients legally buy steroids only where steroid are for sale evewry day? Yes, of course.

Many countries in the world today have legalized steroids and allow people to buy steroids from an online pharmacy. That’s right, steroids ARE legal to posses and use in many countries. Here is a list of just some countries where steroids are considered legal:

Countries where it’s legal to have steroid for sale (it means you can buy steroids there legally):
United Kingdom (UK), Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Iran

The above list is short to the more known countries, but it’s a lot longer then listed above. About 50% of the world’s countries have legal steroid use or a host of reliable sites to buy steroids. Meaning, although the steroids are somewhat legal, the government officials make them legal – you can buy steroids legally, only showing a minor glance to the international community by slapping a few people on the wrist. Truth be told, steroids should be legal in every country – you should be able to buy steroids legally – since they are not drugs. If you can’t buy steroids in your local pharmacy, then you need to seek other alternatives such as buying steroids online. When you buy steroids online, you protect your anonymity while creating a very private and secure environment for your steroid use. Just keep in mind that not every steroid for sale is safe, only buy steroids from reputable sites such as www.Shaz-Steroids.com . If you make the mistake and buy steroids from an unreputable company, expect the steroids to be bad. Always buy steroids through a company with a great website, long history and which accepts a variety forms of payments like credit cards. You want to buy steroids with convenience in mind.

Possible side effects of steroid use

1) high blood pressure:

high blood pressure usually comes from use of too much steroids such as dianabol without an anti-estrogen or aromatase inhibitor such as arimidex. When you buy your steroid cycle you should always buy nolvadex and arimidex; thus, preventing blood pressure problems.

2) increased total cholesterol levels:

usually cholesterol levels (i.e. lower good cholesterol and increased bad cholesterol) come from low estrogen levels. This is mainly due to aromatase inhibitor, like letrozole, misuse. When you buy an aromatase inhibitor for your steroid cycle, always start with lose doses.

3) increased acne:

acne problems are usually based on the individual, but can easily be treated with daily face and body washing with anti bacterial and anti acne soap. This should clear up any problems a steroid cycle can cause with acne. Before you start your cycle, always buy plenty of face and body acne washes.

4) hair loss and baldness:

hair loss is not always a side effect of steroid use, it effects only about 20% of steroid users. It’s not an issue if people were less ignorant about the side effect. Simple, Proscar use can lower risk for hair loss in a steroid user by a huge percentage.

5) gynecomastia (gyno):

gynecomastia is a very real side effect of steroid use. Thus, before any anabolic steroids enter your body, you should always have arimidex and letrozole handy. With regular aromatization you can use daily arimidex dosages, and if gyno does occur, you can use letrozole to get rid of it.

6) excessive hair growth:

too much hair during a steroids cycle is easy to fix, just use a razor

7) liver damage (often caused by high doses of oral administration):

if you haven’t done research on steroids, then you shouldn’t use the drug. Before you buy steroids, you should always do research on how steroids can impact your body, including the liver. The most liver damage, about 80% of it, comes from oral steroid use. Oral steroids such as: Dianabol, Anadrol, Anavar, Winstrol and so forth. You should always limit the use of oral steroids to about 6 to 8 weeks per 6 months period. Again, before you buy steroids, always plan your steroid cycle ahead to contain more injectable steroids like deca durabolin and less oral steroids like anadrol. It’s best for the long term prospects of your body.
Conclusion, with the facts presented to your today, you should understand that it should not be legal to buy steroids in every country from a reputable pharmacy. You should always check the laws in your country before you buy steroids for sale.

Steroid effects on humans

Steroids, more properly called anabolic-androgenic steroids, are analogs of the male hormone testosterone. Steroids are designed to mimic the effects of the testosterone on humans.

The steroid effects on humans are myriad. Since steroids are developed primarily to treat various human conditions, these compounds have legitimate medical uses. Some of the human diseases that are treated with steroids are chronic muscle wasting condition, hypogonadism, cancer, growth problems, and anemia. Steroid effects are not meant only to remedy illnesses occurring on humans. The therapeutic effects of steroids are also used on animals. In fact, many of steroids that are available nowadays that are being used on humans have been originally developed for veterinary purposes.

The beneficial effects of steroids on both humans and animals, however, have gone beyond the medical aspects of these drugs. Anabolic Steroids are now widely used strictly for their anabolic properties. Steroid anabolic effects on humans include the ideal utilization of proteins by the human body, which allows an individual to attain endurance and prevent the occurrence of negative nitrogen balance. Negative nitrogen balance results to catabolism, also known as muscle loss. Steroids also act as anti-inflammatory and this means that they can effectively help in protecting the human body from injury as well as promoting fast recovery from sustained injuries.

Steroid injections

Before you carry out your steroid injections, several things you must know about safe steroid injections.

Dos of steroid injections:
Do disinfect everything for your steroid injections. Sanitize the injection sites and vials with alcohol swab. Never allow the syringe to touch anything that might cause contamination.
Do check for expiry dates on your gear.
Do rotate injection sites to prevent the occurrence of injection fibrosis.
Do check with a health professional if you experience profuse bleeding during steroid injections. It is okay to experience some bleeding during steroid injections; however, if the bleeding is profuse and/or frequent, it is likely that you are doing your steroid injections incorrectly or you have a health problem that needs to be addressed.
Don’ts of steroid injections:
Don’t use needle more than once during steroid injections, especially if the needle has been used by other people. This is to avoid the spread of diseases. A used needle may also be clogged or blunt that can cause painful injection.
Don’t rush your steroid injections.
Don’t use just any needle for your steroid injections. If you are injecting the gluteal muscles, the recommended needle size is a 22″-gauge needle. If injecting the deltoid and thigh areas, it should be 23″ with 1″ in length.

Steroids in sports and how it affects young people

There’s no doubt that sports superstars are being looked up by young people nowadays. It is not surprising to see young people emulating sports icons in many ways and they want to achieve what these sports stars achieve. And so, parents cannot help but worry when they hear big names in sports being busted for steroid use. They believe news about steroids in sports negatively affect young people.

Why do parents believe steroids in sports have such effect on young people?

To parents, they fear that steroid use in sports might send the idea that these banned compounds are means to achieve greatness in sports. Young people might tend to use them despite the fact that steroids can pose health risks to users. This is also the belief of state legislators and officials in some states in the United States who have enacted mandatory testing of high school athletes for steroids and other banned drugs. There are currently four states that require such tests to deter young people engaged in sports from using steroids. In 2005, 72,000 students admitted using steroids. Many consider this a troubling sign that steroids in sports might be a factor that instigates young people to use steroids. Don’t forget, in 2005, over 2,000,000 students used recreational drugs like marijuana and cocaine! And, over 5,000,000 were drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes while under aged.
Steroids and sports
Steroids and sports has now become a notorious tandem as athletes from diverse sport disciplines, from amateur to professional sports, are constantly caught by anti-doping officials. One can say that steroids are now viewed as ‘normal’ part of an athlete’s training protocol.

What do steroids do to sports people?

Steroids do different things to athletes. Depending on what types of steroids you take, you can achieve whatever your goal is in your sport. For instance, if you’re into bodybuilding, there are steroids that can help you build bulk in such a short time. Examples of steroids that are best for the sport of bodybuilding, particularly if you’re goal is to bulk up, are Dianabol and Deca-Durabolin. If your goal is to have defined musculature, you can use steroids like Winstrol and Anavar. These two steroids are in demand in sports where great lean mass is an advantage.

Steroids can also improve visual-spatial function, which means that if you’re into sports like baseball you will be able to hit more home runs compared to the other guy who is not into steroids; that is, all other things being equal. Steroids are also known to improve endurance, thus you hear of athletes engaged in such sports like swimming and cycling testing positive for steroids.

Effects of steroids on the body

The effects of steroids on the body can be grouped into two categories – the beneficial effects and the deleterious effects.

Anabolic-androgenic steroids, or simply steroids, are scheduled drugs in the United States and in most countries of the world. It is, therefore, illegal to buy and use them without prescription. Yet, steroids remain popular not only among athletes but among individuals who want to enhance their physique. Why do people take the risks of using these compounds? The quick reply to that is because steroids work. Steroids offer positive effects on the body. There are steroids that are sought after for their fat-burning abilities. This effect of steroids is much in demand with those who want to shed off body fat. An example of these steroids is the potent steroid trenbolone. Other positive effects of steroids in the body include increase in lean muscle mass, strength, as well as the ability to train longer and harder.
However, just like with other medications, steroids can cause negative effects on the body. On of the deleterious effects of steroids on the body is the so-called steroid-induced osteoporosis that can lead to fractures and other forms of injuries, especially during intense exercise. Steroid-induced osteoporosis is caused by long-term use of steroids.

Steroid Abuse

All drugs can be used and abused and the same is true with steroids. According to the law, there are legitimate, approved medical uses of steroids and other, non-legal uses of steroids are often considered abuse by most people. While people who use steroids illegally might be abusing them, this is not necessarily the case.

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